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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the craigslist adult services section has been shut down tonight putting an end to an illegal fight by lawmakers saying the website that promoted illegal activity could put its users in danger. it's been called an online
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broth brothel, an avenue for prostitution and child trafficking. last month the attorneys general of maryland and virginia joined 15 other states in asking the website to block its adult services section. today they got results. darcy spencer joins us in the studio now with more on this story. darcie? >> maryland's attorney general told me craigslist needed to take this action. it's a site where kids can trade be baseball cards, you can buy a couch and engauge in prostitution. and that's just wrong. when you go on the popular website craigslist, one feature is now gone, where he used to be able to click on adult services, it now says sensored. >> this is what we asked them to do. this is what we asked them to do. this is not a gray area. craigslist was being used as a medium, as a vehicle for people to commit illegal acts. >> craigslist removed the adult services section from the site two weeks after attorneys
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general from across the country demanded its removal. maryland attorney general is among 17 top prosecutors who wanted craigslist to stop offering an online brothel. >> on craigslist, there were literally women for sale. there was an online brothel going on. we told craigslist, look, have you to stop this, this is facilitating a crime. >> reporter: in the metro area, there have been numerous police investigations volling victims who met their attackers through the site. a montgomery county firefighter was arelated after what he thought was a 16-year-old girl who turned out to be an undercover officer. d.c. police chief told news 4, i'm glad to hear that the feature was removed. although there are many other places that predators will look to prey on and exploit young victims. this takes at least one them out of play. >> it's excellent. it's a step in the right direction.
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>> reporter: numerous cases have been prosecuted involving encounters sit up through the adult services feature. >> most of them are human trafficking cases or child exploitation cases. stemming from a craigslist interaction. we're very happy it's taken a positive step. >> reporter: so far craigslist has not commented about why it pulled down the adult services section or what may be put in its place. those ads are still available on that site outside the united states. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. gothe good news, virginia d offices are back in operation. the bad news, now there's a backlog of people whose licenses have expired or who must have their driver's license pictures retain. dmv offices have extended hours this holiday weekend to try to make up for the delay. derek ward has the story. the labor day weekend has been a weekend of laborious days for
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dmv employees in virginia. a massive computer glitch created a backlog of applications for driver's licenses and i.d.'s after the system went down. some customers learned of the problems and didn't go at all. others began their processes only to be called back after lost data was recovered to learn that thousands of licenses and i.d. photos were recoverable. some found it a little frustrating. >> you expect to have the -- everything done that day, and then you can't, have you to come back, and spend another day doing this same thing. >> reporter: the usual weekend crowds were joined with returnees. this man was joined by a person whose process began before the computer crashed. they're on their third trip to the dmv. >> computers are down, and then
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when are they expected to get back? maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday. you're back here again on saturday. hopefully it will be done today. >> in addition to the sunday hours, 14 dmv locations in virginia will be open on monday, labor day as well. in arlington, derek ward, news 4. tomorrow 14 dmv locations statewide will be open from 1:00 until 5:00 in the afternoon. monday they will be open 8:00 a.m. until noon. they include offices in alexandria, woodbridge and l leeburg. five red line stations are shut down all weekend long, the closed stops are glenmont, wheaton, forrest glenn, silver springs and tacoma. crews are making track repairs. metro is offering free shuttle service between the stations until the work is finished. the repairs should wrap up
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before rush hour on tuesday morning. an early voting option is creating a strong turnout at polk stations in the district. d.c. residents can register to vote before they cast their ballots. council chairman vincent gray hit the pavement today to get support before voters went into the polls. michelle reid was wearing green, her support was as a private citizen, not a city official. her wedding was scheduled for today but she recently postponed it. early voting is not just in the district. maryland polls were open for the second day. voters came out early in montgomery conti, prince georges county and about a dozen others across the state. polls will be closed tomorrow but reopen on labor day and continue through next thursday. voting centers are open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. after passing along the east coast, tropical storm earl pounded parts of canada.
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earl landed in nova scotia as a hurricane, but weakened to a tropical storm. it still packed quite a punch, causing heavy rain, winds as well. broken trees, littered neighborhoods and left thousands of residents without power. the storm is expected to lose steam as it moves over the cold waters of the gulf of st. lawrence. still ahead tonight, a powerful earthquake shakes new zealand, crumbling buildings and blocking major highways. disturbing new data that many overweight americans may not know they're fat. and michelle salahi is asked to bear all for "playboy." clear skies and chilly weather coming our way, i'll give you all the details on a spectacular sunday coming up. i don't have that answer. but in sports, 21 redskins are now former redskins. nationals pitcher john lannan has his best outing of the year,
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plus a herndon native brings the pain against the richmond spiders. we'll tell you all about it when news 4 at 11:00 continues.
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a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked new zealand today. officials are calling it a miracle that no one was killed. power was knocked out and roads remain completely blocked. two people were seriously injured by falling glass. a state of emergency has been declared in that city amid concerns over unstable buildings falling on residents. >> early indications are, there
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is quite significant damage to not only private property, but also it's right across the city. >> officials warn they're not out of the woods just yet. there have been several strong aftershocks since the quake. and strong gale force winds are blowing through that city. crews in the gulf were finally able to bring the failed blowout preventer to the surface. the blowout preventer was immediately handed over to the fbi. it is believed they will be able to figure out how the leak happened in the first place. bp and government experts say the well could be sealed off for good in a few days. how do you hold accountable the loss of a life, the loss of a culture, the loss of a homeland. >> a spirited group of protesters in the gulf coast gathered outside the white house today. the group still into washington is demanding that the government
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and abp do more to clean up the oil disaster. the spill is still damaging the health and livelihoods of millions. they're asking for stronger regulation of all oil companies. still to come tonight, mrs. salahi in playboy? she's not only been offered the gig, the shoot may be in the works. there's a bit a nip in the air tonight. but we may not have seen the end of summer just yet.
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a new study says many americans have a skewed perception when it comes to their weight. the survey says people believe
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they're thinner than they actually are. pollsters calculating the body mass index, a ratio of weight to height. 30% of those in the overweight category thought they were normal size. 70% of those classified as obese thought they were simply overweight. researchers say that means obesity is becoming the new norm, increasing health risks like diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. if you haven't seen enough of her already, mrs. salahi is reportedly taking it all off for "playboy." according to tmz, the shoot will take place later this month. d.c.'s most notorious housewife is auctioning off the dress she war to the dinner last year with her husband. it's estimated to go for at least $2,000. 80% of the proceeds will go to the clinton/bush haiti fund. interested? >> no, i got nothing.
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nothing at all on that. let's talk about the weather. >> it's beautiful outside. a real hint of autumn transitioning into fall around the area. the summer is not completely done with us just yet, but i suspect that by another seven or ten days from now, summer will be a beginning to fade as a bit of a pain in the neck season that's not gone anywhere for the last couple months. outside, on your saturday night, the skies are clear out there, temperatures made it up into the mid-80s today, there's a beautiful view of the national cathedral high atop the hill in northwest washington, right where massachusetts and wisconsin interintersect. if you haven't had had a chance, take a look at it. 85 was our high temperature this afternoon, after a 72 degree starter this morning. already now, thanks to some extremely dry air, dry air measured by 42 degree dewpoint here in washington. temperatures are dropping quickly, so our official low for the day may just occur before
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midnight tonight. northwesterly breezes are finally starting to calm down, after a blustery afternoon across much of the area. already in the 60s in fairfax and louden counties, as you get down toward manassas and warrenen and culpepper, temperatures in the 50s already. those typical cool spots will be in the 40s first thing in the morning. get ready for a real chilly spot. the closest showers to us are across northernmost pennsylvania and southern portions of new york state. we don't need to worry about that. the remnants of earl racing up toward the eastern parts of canada. we're keeping an eye out here, the national hurricane center is 80% confident that this will once again take on the name gaston. it was named earlier, but then it lost its organization. the hurricane center keeping a close eye on that. we have a long way to keep track of this. for us, light winds overnight tonight. and that real dry air and the clear sky out there, that's going to set the stage for an
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almost cold to chilly morning. you folks in the shelters, out toward martinsburg. there will be a lot of spots in the 40s tomorrow morning. and here in washington as we get into the low 60s in the morning. if we drop below 60 degrees, it will be the coldest morning at reagan national airport since may 21st. 3 and a half months ago. high pressure in charge, a cool night tonight. another cool one coming up tomorrow night. the warming trend returns once again. tomorrow and monday look perfect. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 70s to near 80s. clear to chilly in the morning, 40s in the cooler suburbs, to upper 50s around town. 60s by the bay. sunshine a sparkling blue sky. 75 to 80 degrees. sunday and monday, no problems at all. sticking around town, going out to any of the football gyms that are being played, beautiful weather tomorrow. labor day, 84. i think we got a shot at at least two more 90 degree days, that will be tuesday and
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wednesday. that will put the 90 degree day count up to 62 for the year. second most all time. >> thanks a lot. coming up, highlights for a busy day in college football. the redskins tr
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now you know who's going to be on the team. now you know who's going to be in game number one coming up in a week. it's the final cutdown day in the nfl. the redskins cut 21 players, most notably willie parker. he had just 16 carries for 53
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yards in three preseason games. that means washington's three running backs are clinton portis, johnson and williams. here's a look at some other notable players the redskins released today. terence austin. he'll likely make the practice squad if he clears waivers. linebacker robert henson injured his right knee in a final preseason game. also released today, ryan terrain. the redskins traded justin tryon to the colts. brandon banks and receiver anthony armstrong had a very strong preseason. the eight-man practice squad will be announced tomorrow. college football let's get it started. opening weekend around the country. the debut of head coach mike london. london spent the last two seasons as richmond's head coach. mike london on the right talking
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to latrell scott. he was virginia's wide receiver coach last year, these guys honoring our third president. thomas jefferson, he founded the university of virginia. look at this guy. perry jones leaps over, bounces off another. 38 yards later, pushed out bounds. that would set up a touch june for virginia. the spiders would respond. kendall plows into the line, calfs think they stopped him, not so much. squeaks through the line. he's gone. 70 yards to the end zone. game tied at 7. the delay belonged to herndon, virginia native keith paine. he gets the ball, dives into the end zone. one of four touchdowns in the game for paine. that's worth cheering for, and so is this. 34-13. also the cavaliers win the season opener for the first time in five years. to morgantown, west virginia. taking on coastal carolina.
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another nickname for a rooster. yeah. we teach you some things here. opening kickoff for the second half, west virginia up 10-0. adrian sullivan, don't run out, buddy. you're going to lose it. the mountaineers cover, they're in business at the coastal 20 yard line. gino smith. 17 yards score. the mountaineers shut out coastal carolina 31-0. it will be a good one. instate rival marshall. happy valley, joe paterno in his 45th year at penn state. nittany lie ans, here come the penguins, kurt hess connects with dominique barnes and nobody's going to touch this guy. yeah come on, 80 yards for the touchdown. youngstown state leads 7-3 just like that, what is going on? oh, my goodness. robert bolden starting for penn
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state, first time joe pa had a freshman at center. penn state back on top 13-6, that's bolden's first career td pass. opening kickoff for the second hal. this is pretty good, folks. penguins kicking to chazz powell. and, well, you don't want to do this. chazz powell fields the goal line, you know what he's wearing here, right? no tackle cologne. he's wearing no tackle cologne, because no one's tackling him here. what's going on here? it's a blowout. penn state rolls 44-14. maryland plays its season opener on monday against navy in baltimore. today maryland hired kevin anderson as their new athletic director. anderson previously held the same job at army. john lannan was stellar in august, winning four games and only losing one. lannan on the mound against the pirates, a team he's never
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beaten in his career. until tonight. bottom two, no score. lannan cruising along here, early on. pitching to garrett jones, tries to check his swing. but no sir third base umpire punches him out. very next batter, lannan pitching to pedro alvarez, same results, see ya. gave up one earned run and struck out a season high seven. manager was hanging out in the suite serving a two-game suspension for his role in the brawl against the marlins earlier in the week. he delivers. drives one deep to right off the wall. ryan zimmerman. he's going to score, and here comes michael moore, rounding third. is he going to beat the throw? no problem. they score five in the inning. john lannan gets the win. the nationals beat the pirates 9-2 many i'm happy college football is back. >> i heard that. >> i'm ready for it.
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that is our news for tonight. saturday night live is next hosted by tina fey. musical guest is justin bieber. he's at the maryland state fair tomorrow, i believe, if you're into that kind of thing.
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the following is a message from the president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] ah, good evening. by now i'm sure that every american household has received this form in the mail. it's the 2010 census. and tonight i'd like to take a few moments to explain why filling it out and returning it is so important. now, despite what you may have


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